What do they matter?

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 23.53.38.png

Written in my head while cycling a bike through Alexanderplatz. I was thinking of incompetent men rattling nuclear weapons. And what if all of us busy, busy people, with our important thoughts and worries and missions were suddenly put on pause. 

All those worries
About size
And money
And status
And talent
And worth
And position
And age
And babies
And food
And animals
And looking people in the eye
All those feelings
Of having worked too long
And loved too little
Of having achieved nothing
But being full of something
All those dreams
Of answering your aches
Fulfilling your needs
Of raising a better future
Fighting nature with nurture
All those wishes for kinder people
And more accepting worlds
And hardier ice-caps
All those half-typed messages
Half-watched TED talks
Half-cooked children’s meals
Half-written novels
Halfway pleasures
Half-made plans
Half-driven distances
All those conversations, without conclusions
What do they matter
When the sky is falling in?

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