Why I don’t cry

Screen Shot 2017-10-27 at 23.51.43.png

I don’t cry because it’s ok
Because you’re still here
Your face is everywhere
Your voice is on my phone
Your bike is under my feet
Your ukulele in my hands
Your laugh in my eyes
I don’t cry because you didn’t go

I don’t cry because we’re on hold
Things happened that stopped the music
That blocked the truth and the words
For a while
We met only a few times
To talk and laugh
Though neither of us felt like laughing
Then we were going to find our music again
I don’t cry because we still have songs to sing

I don’t cry because you’re too strong
You are power
You command from your disco ball pedestal
Your voice booms
Across every room
Nothing, nothing the size of a single psychotic cell
Can bring you down
You are power
I know a more fragile you
That tears like a flower
At a wrong word
That wants to be loved and understood
And heard
Most of all, heard
But your shell is titanium
A fiery, feisty, fiercely sharp force
I don’t cry because you can’t break

A Little Piece of You, with Lyndsey Cockwell

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