Haikus of hopelessness

Pigeon London.jpg

So what will you say
When after it all they ask
So what did you bring

Here’s one of my old online flames I remembered today that makes me smile: Haikus of Hopelessness. I was working in London, and was finding agency life a little strange and soul destroying. So I wrote about it in haikus for some reason. Here’s as far as I got before it seems the life was completely sapped from my body:

Headphones in my ears
But today silence abounds
Forgot to press play

Bring some new copy
Into existence with love
Then wait for amends

Head turns to the left
Realise that’s the first time
Eyes have looked outside

Not sure what to do
Make some tea, look at YouTube
And go to the loo

Faces mute and still
Shattered dreams carpet the floor
Silence weighs heavy

I buy satsumas
A whole box for the office
Most of them are off

Salvation awaits
At jacksonpollock.org
Click for the rainbow

A crow takes a pie,
Whole, from the balcony ledge
Then flies far away

When all around you
Turns into elephant dung
Play a game of pool

When you lose at pool
Eat a few Celebrations
Just the Maltesers

Only one thing can
Save this excuse for a day
It’s a pink dolphin

Daffodils are nice
Yellow and proud on a desk
They smell a bit though

When the screen goes black
It’s surprising to see
The face that stares back*

Content that’s sticky
Will adhere itself sweetly
To receptive minds

Silence, white headphones
A faint smell of bakewell tarts
And vintage clothing

<shortly after this, I got fired>

The birds have returned
Singing their fast, flitting songs
While I turn the soil

<then I got hired again>

Champagne bubbles rise
Hope slides slowly down along
The sides of the glass

Flourescent lights shine
Towards eyes that squint but can’t
Focus on the screen

Something feels awry
When a wasabi pea holds
The day’s greatest thrill

So what will you say
When after it all they ask
So what did you bring

Eight mugs of tea made
Most of the internet read
A productive day

Fourteen tabs open
Click type click type sip yawn click
Waiting for the crash

*I know this is 5-6-5, but

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